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The Eric Koby Adoption Fund was established in memory of a man whose mind and heart encompassed the desire to place the lonely in families. A father of three through the gift of adoption, Eric was an outspoken advocate and volunteer for the cause of the orphan.

Through this organization, his dream of bringing children into families can continue to become a reality for families that might otherwise not have the means to do so.


Families incur tremendous costs when working to adopt a child. Whether through domestic or international adoption, the efforts required to complete an adoption process are immense.

The goal of the Eric Koby Adoption Fund is to bridge the financial gap for some families. If more families are able to finance the adoption process, more orphans will find their way into their forever home. And there is no greater joy for adoptive parents than the moment they hold their child in their arms.


If you have chosen to make a contribution to the Eric Koby Adoption Fund, thank you for being a part of this cause with us.

If you are a family that is looking to supplement the tremendous cost of your adoption, we welcome you to apply for support from the Eric Koby Adoption Fund. Please follow the links to apply and someone from our Board of Trustees will reach out to you. We do require that you are currently in an adoption process with a COA Accredited Agency.


Executive Director

Heather Koby

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