Financially Assisting Families in Fulfilling their Destiny of Adoption

About Us

The goal of the Eric Koby Adoption Fund is to bridge the financial gap for some families. If more families are able to finance the adoption process, more orphans will find their way into their forever home.

About Us

The fund was established in memory of a man whose heart emcompassed the desire to place the lonely in families.

In Honor Of

Eric Koby

Loving husband and father


Find out about the list of requirements for families that would like to apply for a grant from the fund.

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“We believe that no child is too small to ignore”

- Heather Koby

While we all may feel as though the troubles of this world are too daunting to take on alone, together, we can make a difference.

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All items on our website are given as gifts in response to donations made to the Eric Koby Adoption Fund.

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